Schoharie Mapple Jack
Schoharie Mapple Jack is a unique blend of
Apple Brandy with just a touch of Maple
Syrup. Each batch is hand crafted from
beginning to end.  The apple cider is cool
fermented and then distilled.  The spirit is  
aged at 100 Proof in oak casks until the
desired taste and aroma profile is achieved.   
We then blend the spirit with crystal clear
Schoharie water and just a touch of locally
produced Maple syrup.  Bottled by hand at
65 Proof.

This liqueur is best enjoyed on its own or
can be used in mixed drinks as a whiskey.
Schoharie SHINE
This product is a specialty spirit
made from Schoharie grown
Sorghum which has often been used
in the south by moonshiners when
cheaper cane sugar was unavailable.  
This is our tribute to those southern
moonshiners.  Makes a great summer
drink when added to lemonade
Sweet Tea